Lemon & Mint
Who we are

Who we are

WP_20140216_003One of us hails from Wales.

The other’s roots are planted in Pakistan.

Yet we share similar tastes in life and mainly what to put on our plates.

Here in Doha we found something we are both extremely fond of: the refreshingly, zingy lemon and mint drink that accompanies most of our meals. So it felt right to pay homage to this delicious food combination.

We’re not into grandiose locations or haute cuisine per se, that said our mission isn’t to find the cheapest eats.

Our aim is to simply share our good food finds, the mints – from the fab 5QR falafel to the most succulent steak – and help you to avoid life’s lemons, those disastrous dining experiences that leave you disappointed.

Bon appétit!






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  • Hi Lemon and Mint,

    My name is Jelena Avramovic and I work for Qanect Communications, a local PR and Marketing company. We are a local company that work with some key F&B clients including Roger’s Diner, Lenotre and Shakespeare and Co.

    I wanted to know if it was possible to have your contact details such as email and telephone number? That way whenever we have events and press releases we can let you know.

    Many thanks,