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Recommended: Hakkasan Doha’s Saturday Dim Sum lunch

We recommend that you try Hakkasan’s Dim Sum lunch. It’s a great deal for the quality of ingredients and kitchen talent – QAR 98 for 3 dim sum baskets or QAR 138 for 5 dim sum baskets.

I’m a fan of starters. Fill a table with them and I’d be happy to forgo a main or a dessert (unless it’s ice cream). So, the Saturday Dim Sum Lunch at Hakkasan Doha is right up my street. There are so many different flavours and textures to choose from (steamed, grilled, or fried dumplings) and you can just keep on going. We started with an order of 3 different dim sum each (for 3 of us) and repeated or added a few new ones to the table.

What we ordered

Steamed dim sum:

Har gau with truffle

Wagyu beef Xiao long bao (twice)

Barbeque chicken bun

Creamy coriander lobster

Prawn and scallop cheung fun (twice)

Fried, Baked and grilled dim sum:

Roast duck with pumpkin (twice)

Crispy duck roll

Spicy prawn wanton

Wagyu beef and mushroom

Crispy Venison

Why you’ll love it

The presentation is on point. I fell in love with the mini pumpkins that arrived at the table (roast duck and pumpkin). And the extra delight was the flavour – crisp pastry meets tender duck with a sweet hit of pumpkin. Actually we didn’t have many lemons (disappointments) on the table.

Their dim sum is very satisfying – no meagre morsels served here – and packed with fresh and high quality ingredients.

The service is prompt and professional. They explain the concept well and are quick to come and ask if you’d like more.

And the price is pretty easy to swallow. Definitely a more affordable way to dine at Hakkasan and enjoy some authentic dim sum.

Bookings: To book your 2-hour slot for Saturday Dim Sum at Hakkasan Doha call +974 44460170

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