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Illy Coffee in Qatar

Illy is one of our favourite brands and not just for coffee. It is a brand that thinks of everything, from the signature round handles of their coffee mugs to their silver tin packaging. If Apple ever had a coffee brand, this would be it.

When taste meets access:

To get the complete Illy experience, the Illy Cafe in Mirqab Mall, Al Nasr Area is the place to go. Other than serving coffee, they also sell Illy coffee beans, pre-ground coffee, capsules and now instant Coffee. We’ve also been able to purchase a 3 KG tin of coffee beans one time. Buying coffee beans will cost you slightly more than ground coffee for the same sized tin.

Illy Coffee in Qatar - Cafe Display

Here, you can also buy Illy’s home espresso machines which range from semi-automatic to a single touch espresso machine. This Illy cafe also sells their gorgeous designer illustrated cups and saucer sets. (Important: We Happ-Illy accept presents).

Be warned though if purchasing their home espresso machines, the machines use an Illy patented capsule design knows as IperESPRESSO and you cannot use Nespresso compatible coffee pods or E.S.E pods in these machines. Remember when we said, if Apple ever made coffee…

The other two branches of Illy cafe are inside the Nissan Automobiles showroom on Salwa road. And if you are wanting a coffee hit before your flight, there’s also an Illy Cafe at Hamad International airport. The airport branch of Illy coffee is located in Departures – E-Gate- Level 1.

Despite being a premium brand, what we feel Illy cafe’s could improve with is start using fresh milk rather than the long-life (UHT) milk that they currently use in their milk based coffees.

A great summery vegan drink is the Frappe al caffe’ which is a whipped coffee drink that creates a foamy smooth tasting coffee with no added sugar.

Have a look at Illy cafe Qatar’s menu

Other places to get Illy Coffee in Qatar.

You are never far from enjoying a cup of Illy.

Haagen Dazs, dip n’dip cafe and Peal juice bars serve Illy coffee.

Eataly in Doha Festival City also serves Illy Coffee in-store and also retails Illy coffee for home use.

Illy Coffee in Qatar - Eataly
Illy @ Eataly at Doha Festival City

If you want a fancier setting to enjoy Illy coffee is Qatar, head to Marritott Marquis and the Sheraton Doha Hotel. We are great fans of the French Press style Americano that Sheraton hotel serves.

Illy Coffee in Qatar is also available in the larger multinational hypermarkets (Carrefour, Lulu and Megamart and Monoprix). Unlike some other Italian coffee chain in Qatar, the coffee tins at their cafe or from one of these hypermarkets are relatively priced the same. TIP: (For reasons unknown) the price of the pre-ground coffee 250g tin is less than the same sized coffee beans tin.

What are some of your favourite coffee brands in Qatar and whether you use their coffee for home use as well? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Lovely write up .. and a nice play around words ( Happ..illy)
    ..had recently been to their outlet at MIrqab and found the place really good ! They also accept Urban point vouchers , so a great deal !