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French pastries for French Week at Westin Doha

Enjoy a taste of France and Peru at Westin Doha

It feels like we may be the only people in Qatar not travelling this Eid. So, we’re looking for adventures closer to home – and foodie experiences are just the thing to enjoy something different to your every day.

What’s on our radar?

This week (until 17 July) and the week after Eid (25-29 July) diners can enjoy a gastronomic journey to France and Peru created by Chef Esteban.

The Westin Doha have two tempting menus that will satisfy your cravings for international flavours.

I’m already swooning (and slightly salivating) at the sight of the baked camembert and those pastries.

If French cuisine isn’t your thing (it’s hard for me to imagine that scenario) then Peruvian Week should lure you in.

Both menus look truly appealing – and it would be good to try the Westin’s take on French and Peruvian flavours.

Let us know if you try them and your thoughts.

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