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Knead some bread flour In Qatar?

Bread is one of the oldest forms of sustenance known to humans. Across cultures and continents, it’s a staple that is still very much a vital part of our daily life. Cultures whose cuisines are predominantly rice-based also have a form of bread pop up and ingrained in their cultural identity. Bao, gyoza, pandesal, roti, chappati, baguette, call it what may it is hard to find a country that does not have some form of bread as part of their cuisine.

Over the years bread has got a bad rap and banished from diets (keto, low carb etc.). Yet on the flip side, it’s also managed to get so much better. Does anyone else remember when you could only buy a loaf of sliced bread in the supermarket?

We’re now even now investing time into making it ourselves. And, thanks to COVID-19 (we have to find the positives, right?) people are learning to make their own. We’ve not baked a loaf. We’ve just upped our pizza-making game with a simple Jamie Oliver pizza dough recipe.

Bread Flour in Marks and Spencer Qatar

What we have found hard during COVID-19 is the availability of bread flour in supermarkets. The usual suspects to look in are the 3 M’s ( Marks and Spencer, Megamart and Monoprix).

Bread Flour in Monoprix Qatar

So, in case you are ever on the search of bread flour in Qatar and can’t see it on supermarket shelves, you can have a look at these online retailers.

Colosseum Qatar

This food grocer/wholesaler that stocks Italian products (cheese, pasta, sauces, olives) and bread flour in Qatar. They have bread flour that has different proving times ranging from 6 to 24 hours. They also stock organic bread flour and pasta flour and their sizes range from 1 KG – 25 KG packs.


This online grocer that offers delivery through Talabat and stocks a variety of foods including organic and vegan options. Their bread flour in Qatar range includes packs of 2.5 KG which Colosseum does not offer.

Yes, there is a definite Italian theme in our online recommendations because we mostly make pizzas in our house. Since we mentioned Italian, we also have written an article about where to get another culturally Italian staple, Coffee. Check out our Coffee in Qatar article.

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