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Our pick: Qatar’s best restaurant home delivery

Lockdown is forcing us (with some pleasure) to embrace more home cooking. But from time to time it’s nice to take a night off from the kitchen and enjoy a restaurant home delivery. Here are a few that make the experience feel like a treat and not some massive letdown.

Dean and David

The best thing about ordering from Dean and Davis is there’s no guilt factor with this food. Vibrant dishes arrive packed with fresh vegetables to make you feel this is the best decision you’ve made this week. You’ll quickly forgo any thoughts about whipping up a quick (yet sad) pasta dish or making a fridge forage salad. Your fridge doesn’t contain this amount of vegetables and you will not neatly arrange them to the same aesthetic appeal.

Veggie Hollywood Bowl image taken from Dean and David Facebook page

What we order: Veggie Hollywood Bowl, Thai Beef Curry, and Surf and Turf Salad. And the Beat Booster (beetroot and ginger shot).


A great choice because of the fresh feeling you get with every meal. There’s nothing particularly innovative on the menu, but it delivers on taste and fresh ingredients. We regularly order their pasta (as you can opt for wholewheat too) and a salad which has a nicely prepared dressing. It doesn’t feel like takeaway food, which conjures up images of fatty, bad for you food), it tastes and looks homemade and healthy.

Mista Salad taken from Vapiano Qatar Facebook page

What we order: Filleto De Manzo Pasta, Mista Salad and Bolognese Pasta.

La Parisienne

This French bakery and cafe in InterContinental Doha The City is our go-to for fresh bread and pastries. It’s a weekly habit. And I’m not about to give it up anytime soon. Supermarket bread just doesn’t cut it anymore and I’m sure as hell not going to make my own bread every week (hats raised to those that do). It’s also really well priced and they offer free delivery so “Should I order that Paris Brest or not?” becomes a very easy answer.

Paris Brest patisserie taken from La Parisienne Facebook page

What we order: the Paris Brest patisserie (worth every calorie), Five Cereal Loaf (makes toast feel like fancy restaurant version), traditional French Baguette (a crust made to perfection), and a Cold Cuts Platter (to fill that baguette).

U Burger

I wish I’d wised up to this burger place sooner. Buns feel fresh, soft and light (the regular potato bun), The beef patty isn’t huge but it’s tasty and one is satisfying enough and Hani loves the spicy sauce (which by the way will bring on a sweat). It’s pretty good value too for the quality of the food and packaging – it feels like a premium experience.

Famous chicken burger from U Burger
Image: Famous Chicken Burger from U Burger website

What we order: Sriracha Shrimp (the maple and spice is a winning combo), El Normal burger (classic tasty beef burger), and Hani creates his own Crispy Chicken burger with spicy sauce and coleslaw.


We’re lucky enough to live opposite this Arabic street food restaurant. What we like about them if the freshness and quality of ingredients and the service (that we experience when we dined in or called for delivery). It’s not the cheapest Arabic food out there, but it’s good quality and it’s well presented. We generally order from here for breakfast or lunch – Fatayr (manakeesh) Friday’s have become a ritual in our house.

Image: Zaatar Manakeesh taken from Abajour restaurant’s Facebook page

What we order: Manakeesh – Zaatar, Cheese, and Kofta (haven’t seen this offered in most other Arabic restaurants), Mutabal, Kibbeh, and Meat Saj.

What’s your favorite restaurant home delivery?

Share your faves with us as we’d love to try them out. Not all live up to the dine-in experience and unfortunately, we’ve had quite a few disappointing deliveries that weren’t worth the wait.

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